Glamrock Pur: Glitter is back in

Let’s be honest: Every now and then we want but in the days back in which we easily carry our Feenkleider and the carnival could sprinkle glitter in the face. Adult women are, however, already looked at obliquely, when they apparently dressed up too glamorous for no reason, therefore to come.

Luckily for us, the fashion God is hold in this spring / summer season! Because yes, it must again be with glitter – and lots of it. Wherever one looks, shines and shimmers it that one knows what hit you. Leggings with g├╝ldenem Metallic luster? Gern yet! Blazers, dresses, shoes, bags, skirts and tops with sequins, iridescent holo effect or iridescent materials? No problem! The latest collections of designer features enabled blaze of glory in all imaginable forms. We can only recommend to all fans of the neat glam outfits, be sure to access.

Who can not afford expensive designer Fummel decorating their favorite music just by hand with fine rods pallets, chrome trims or shimmering glitter powder (for example, iron-on ). Especially noble acts of the look, clearly, in combination with black. Here gold, silver or multicolor iridescent accents are doubly good effect. But summer colors can be easily combined to Glitter Look – just try it!